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Streamlined Certification Letter
Streamlined Certification Letter
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The streamlined package consists of 3 tax returns, six years FBAR, and a personal affidavit (certification letter)

We will prepare the streamlined package for you, which consists of 3 years of tax returns and six years of FBAR. The final part of the streamlined package is a certification letter.

This certification letter is not included in our package because it is a personal affidavit and does not require tax calculations. It is the final part of the program and is instrumental in the IRS determining that your failure to file was not willful.

You can prepare it yourself, although we recommend using professional help. Our fee for preparing it is $300. Please let us know if you would like our assistance in preparing this.

Form 14653

You can review the form here: Certification by U.S. Person Residing Outside of the U.S.In the last year; the form has become very personalized, so we ask that you write a paragraph covering the following:

  • Provide a complete story about your foreign financial account/asset.

  • Your background, financial background, and anything else you believe are relevant to your failure to report all income, pay all tax, and submit all required information returns, including FBARs.

  • Explain the source of funds in your foreign financial accounts/assets. For example, explain whether you inherited the account/asset, whether you opened it while residing in a foreign country, or whether you had a business reason to open or use it.

  • And explain your contacts with the account/asset, including withdrawals, deposits, and investment/management decisions.

We will then tailor your story to comply with the IRS guidelines for successful entry into the SP program.

If you are participating in the Foreign Domestic Offshore Procedure, you will require form 14654. The price for our assistance with this form is $500.

Note - we do not assist with these forms if we are not preparing the rest of the tax package for you.

Also, if someone schedules tax planning, they can discuss the SP and answer other questions, but we do not provide assistance with self-preparation. This form is very procedural, and we have to know quite a bit about someone's background to assist them with it, which is ascertained while we prepare the tax returns.

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