Most tax returns are submitted to IRS via electronic submission (e-file). We e-file whenever possible. However, in specific scenarios, E-filing is impossible, and you’ll need to mail a paper copy of your return to the IRS.

1. Browse Documents > Tax Documents We Prepared, then select the year.

2. Download the file to your computer

  • To download a single file, click the document’s name, browse to the folder on your computer where you would like to save the file, then click Save.

  • To download multiple files, select the checkboxes next to the names of the files you wish to save, and then click Download Selected. Selected files will automatically be put into a ZIP archive.

  • To download all the documents for a selected year, click Download All Documents. All files will automatically be put into a ZIP archive.

3. Once your return is downloaded, locate the PDF and open it.

4. Click on the File menu, and click Print. You may also press CTRL+P or click a printer icon to print.

5. Adjust the print settings (e.g., specify the number of copies to be printed, the color mode, etc.), and then click Print. Either US letter or European A4 size is fine

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